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Case Studies

First of all, what is a case study and what is the importance of case studies in business?

In general it is believed that it was first introduced in 1829 by Frederic Le Play into social science as a handmaiden to statistics in his family budget studies.

Other roots of case studies stem from the early parts of the 20th century, when researchers who worked in the disciplines of sociology, anthropology psychology began to make case studies.

Why are case studies important for businesses?

Case studies are important for any business with an online presence that wants to demonstrate their abilities to potential clients. Every business offering a professional service has to write something about what they have done or been able to accomplish with a particular client or customer, the way it was  executed and the results they achieved helps make people have an insight of their services. Case Studies MK Websites

The Types of Case Studies In Business Research

The four common case study approaches in business research are distinguished. Firstly there is the no theory first case study design type, secondly the gaps and holes types of research design making assumptions that are positive, thirdly the social construction reality design and finally to identify anomalies.

All of the four approaches has different applications but understanding their unique concepts are very important. There are quite a substantial differences methodologically between all of these four approaches.

Our case studies are based on clients we have worked with and will demonstrate how we were able to achieve our targets and what plans we have to continue delivering best results for these customers.

We will keep adding more case study pages as we expand, develop more websites and create more opportunities for our clients by means of successfully marketing their online businesses. We will start off with the Urban Courier brand.